Dog Bite Injury

Southern MN Dog Bite Lawyers & Attorneys

If you or a family member has been the victim of a dog bite, then you need an experienced lawyer to represent you to maximize your recovery for damages that have occurred as a result of the injury.

Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite claims can be complicated so it is very important to hire an attorney that can help you with all aspects of the claim.  Our experienced attorneys will advise you on your options so that you can  make the best informed decision for your claim.  Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your claim and ask questions such as:

  • The type of dog or dogs involved
  • The circumstances leading up to the dog bite
  • Dog aggression issues
  • And much more

We will build a solid case on your behalf.

You should seek the assistance of our attorneys to insure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. You should not be stuck with costs associated with lost wages or medical bills.  The person responsible for the dog should have to and we will represent you aggressively.

Mankato Personal Injury Lawyer & Attorney

If you or a family member has been the victim of a dog bite, you need to have expert representation by your side. This is because a dog bite case can be rather complicated and every tiny detail needs to be covered. But while you receive this aggressive representation, you also need a dog bite lawyer who understands what you’re going through.

So don’t waste another moment and call Frentz and Frentz at 507-345-4505 or call toll free at 1-800-450-4505. We want to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Besides, we are so confident that we can help you that we don’t get paid until you get paid.

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